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Have you considered waterproof flooring for your home?

If you’ve been searching for new flooring for awhile, it’s likely you’ve heard about waterproof flooring. Many people are unfamiliar with this particular floor covering and it can sometimes be confusing.

Will it fit your needs? Does it look good in some rooms more than others? Is it worth the extra budget allotment?It’s hard for some homeowners to justify spending extra on certain types of flooring. But we encourage you to consider all of the benefits of this amazing material before you move on to something else.

Designer Floors & More can help you pick the perfect flooring for your home, based on your needs and budget. Serving the areas of Fleming Island, Orange Park, Jacksonville, Green Cove Springs, and Middleburg, our showroom is located in Fleming Island, FL.

We invite you to stop by to speak with a qualified flooring professional who can answer any of your questions and show you our flooring lines.

What can waterproof do for me?

When you purchase waterproof flooring, you’re getting peace of mind that is hard to find with any other floor covering. You’ll never have to worry about any type of water emergency - from busted pipes to an outright flood, this floor covering will make it through undamaged. Isn’t that worth a few extra dollars, knowing it won’t need to be replaced should something happen?
Waterproof laundry room floors in Fleming Island FL from Designer Floors & More
You can find many different looks when you’re searching through this type of flooring. Many different flooring materials can be waterproof, including luxury vinyl, laminate, and even some carpeting. So finding a style and design that meets your needs will be easier than you thought. In fact, you’re likely to find something that matches perfectly.

Because of the ease you’ll have in finding a design match, it’s safe to say that you’ll find the right look for any room in your home. From the kitchen to the foyer, dining room to bathrooms, waterproof flooring has something to meet your specific needs.

If installation is a worry, we can assure you the process is quick and easy. Designer Floors & More works with professional installers who will be in and out in no time, and there is no extensive prep work that will need to be done.

The best part is that cleaning these floors couldn’t be easier. Sweeping or vacuuming any loose debris, followed by a damp mop, will bring them to a like-new finish you’ll love.

Designer Floors & More is the premier Florida waterproof flooring dealer and is here to assist you with all of your flooring needs.

To learn more about the beautiful waterproof flooring that we carry, visit Designer Floors & More in Fleming Island here where we proudly service the areas of Orange Park, Jacksonville, Green Cove Springs, and Middleburg.


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